Early Years Foundation

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework is the legal document that all registered childcare providers for under 5's in England follow. It guides us in every detail to ensure that children are kept safe and healthy, are provided with meaningful learning opportunities and are encouraged to reach their potential.

The EYFS follows a child from birth to the end of the Reception Year at school, where children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals. Prime areas of learning are:

• Communication and language;
• Physical development; and
• Personal, social and emotional development.

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning. As a child develops, their learning can begin to encompass more specific areas, giving seven areas of learning in total:

• Literacy;
• Mathematics;
• Understanding the world; and
• Expressive arts and design.

In St Mary’s Nursery it is our goal to provide as many opportunities as possible to support children’s development to prepare them for school. We do this by:
• Providing opportunities to communicate through play, talking and listening to children and acting as role models in the way we communicate with one another and with parents and carers.
• Offering a range of indoor and outdoor activities, whether they are running around, playing ball games, exploring the environment or mark making. Physical development is also about healthy living and we promote healthy eating, good hygiene and personal care.
• Creating an environment where children are welcomed, and kept safe and secure. We aim to build positive relationships with parents and children, recognising that every child is unique and special.

Opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy skills are embedded in everything we do, such as sharing a book together or counting out cups and plates at lunchtime. Children begin to develop an understanding of the world as we explore our local environment and embrace differences and similarities between us. Children have daily opportunities to share in music and singing, and explore creative and expressive arts using different media and textures.

St. Mary’s Nursery is a Christian based setting that builds on Christian beliefs and morals, however we are an inclusive setting and welcome families from all walks of life, believing that we are all God’s children and every child is equal.